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Effective SEO search engine optimization A Word of Note

We can create a web presence that fits your budget. One that makes you money. And that will make you happy. And that will make us happy. Hurry while "GRAND OPENING" pricing is still in effect.

About Our Website Design

company5headsProductions is designed to give startup businesses an easy and affordable way to obtain a web presence. The packages are listed with bullet points as to what each consists of. Everything the professional would need to start marketing their services to prospective clients including: a customized logo, video, S.E.O, and of course a professionally designed website. For one price, new firms can get the complete package including all the services listed at the store on the respective column.

If you don't need all the bells and whistles we have a basic package which only consists of a website (that has some freebies included). Talk to your sales rep and discover which package and/or services may be right for you.

Your website will include some or all of the following: Competitor site analysis and strategic positioning consultation, keyword analysis and coding for search engine optimization(SEO), original layout design from 1 to 100 pages +, professional stock photos (there may be a cost for images 5heads provides.), video, audio, special effects, domain and hosting fees for one year, set-up of e-mail accounts. All of our sites are designed to be Search Engine Friendly. We strive for excellence and each site is built and completed within a week in most cases, depending on our work load.