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How to 4od on ps3

14 Dec To start watching, simply connect your PS3 to the Internet, sign into your PSN account and then select the TV icon on the XMB (Xross Media Bar) and opt for the ITV Network triangle or 4oD. This will take you directly to the service where you can watch popular programmes from the last 30 days, free of. Me and my family watch 4OD pretty often, but when it came to my attention that there was a new 4OD app I instinctively wanted to download it. After deleting the original 4OD app, I went to the TV section of the XMB and looked through all of the on demand channels, but couldn't find the 4OD app anywhere. Please do the following to access the new service: 1. Highlight the All 4 icon in your TV/Video services section, press the triangle button and select 'Delete' from the menu. 2. Open My Channels in the TV/Video Services section on the XMB Menu and click on the All 4 icon to install the new app.

Hi, lots of the time when i use 4OD or ITV player the show I'm watching randomly stops playing, and the full screen disappears, it goes back to the programme info page. Then when i press 'play' it doesnt play from where the problem happened, the show. 25 Jun 4oD plays host to all Channel 4 shows from the last 30 days, as well as episodes of classic programmes in its library spanning three decades. Users will also be served recommendations based on their viewing habits and can browse content by them via the 'Collections' tab. PlayStation 3 owners must. Is anyone else experiencing problems withe 4OD? It starts the adverts play, they are fine too, until it comes to cutting away to the program.

25 Jun Designed specifically for the games console, the new-look 4oD app replaces the old service, which was essentially a redesign of the 4oD site optimised for the PS3's web browser. The new 4oD user interface for PS3 promises to be more intuitive, more reliable and easier to use when watching programmes. Lovefilm say it's a sony problem if the app isn't there, sony's website is useless and has no customer support phone number. I've not got iPlayer, 4OD, etc either so I guess they're all hiding in the same place. Posted 6 years ago. landcruiser. Member. Stupid questions I'm sure but: Is your PS3 registered, on-line, and updated.


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