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Italy vs europe

5 Dec The economy is still smaller than it was in Unemployment is at %, labour market participation is low, and its birthrate in was the lowest since the modern Italian state was founded in If there was a contest for the unwanted title of the sick man of Europe in the 21st century, Italy would. Italians vs Europeans. All Italians are Europeans, while all Europeans are not Italians. This is the first and foremost difference. Italy is the subset, and Europe is the superset. Besides, Italy refers to a single country, while Europe refers to an entire continent with many countries. Italians are quite distinct in appearance. With visuals by Bruno Bozzetto and sound by Roberto Frattini, they capture the wonderful diversity, beauty and contrast of the difference between the EU and Italian culture. I think both cultures can appreciate the difference and the greatness that each flavor provides. Italy vs Europe (Italia vs Europa). Europe verses Italy.

26 Oct France and Italy are two of the best-loved and most-visited countries in the world. Here is some info to help choose one for a European vacation. Location of Italy (dark green). – in Europe – in the European Union (light green) – [Legend]. Capital and largest city, Rome · 41°54′N 12°29′E / °N °E / ; Official languages, Italiana. Native languages, see full list. Religion. % Christians; % irreligious; % Muslims; % Buddhists.


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