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Browser s index.php instead of executing download

Browser s index.php instead of executing

4 Jan Browser downloads instead of loading it in the browser. This can be caused by a misconfigured server, but in this specific case this is unlikely as: it works just fine on my Android phone, iPad and laptop. It also works OK for my friends. It can also be caused by having a file association set You can install a bundle like XAMPP and then you will be able to run php files. You can read more here: You need a webserver like Nginx, Apache or the PHP server itself, if you do not then when you try to access the file through your browser (file://) then the. I'm posting this answer because my Virtualmin/Webmin admin interface decided it was a good idea to disable my PHP engine.. took me a while to find the solution , so I thought I'd share it with you guys: Also, be sure to check that none of your website config files related to this specific host or virtualhost have any.

My browsers (any of them) opening localhost/drupal start page but from another machine and network the browser starts to download the added AddHandler command to the bottom of ss file and so when I put it on my laptop is was downloading any php file instead of executing it. 9 Dec Because we've disabled/enabled modules, we have to do a full restart of Apache 2 (instead of a reloading of the configuration files). You should now be able to point a browser to a PHP file and watch it execute properly, as opposed to saving to your local drive or displaying code in your browser. 21 Aug You've written your first PHP program, but when you go to run it, all you see in your browser is the code—the program doesn't actually run. When this happens, the most common cause is that you are trying to run PHP somewhere that doesn't support PHP.

I've flushed all preferences, reinstalled Chrome, but still it insists on downloading the main page () for my website. . Open IDM go to "Download" tab press "Options" and look at "Integrate IDM into browsers" you'll see Google Chrome, make sure you have "Google Chrome" unchecked, that's all. Can someone tell me how have the browser execute the script? Thanks! I do exactly that (submit the completed form) and then the browser asks me what program to use to open , instead of displaying the results . Notice: Undefined index: name in C:\wamp\www\ on line 1. Hi All, It looks like Nginx can't pass the php file to which results in download of php files instead of execution. listen [::] default_server ipv6only =on; root /var/www/laravel/public; index ; server_name MY_SERVER_IP_IS_HERE; location / { try_files $uri $uri/.


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