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Fps doug boom headshot

With K+ views, an edited version of the episode called “Pure Pwnage: FPS Doug” is currently the most watched clip on its YouTube Channel and “Boom, headshot!” became quickly adopted by FPS players on online game forums and during gameplay, particularly in the online game Counter Strike: Source, where the. I miss the old cs days and that baldy crazy man screaming "boom headshot" on his old as fuck computer Anyone know where he is today and did he. A phrase made popular by a pro gamer named FPS Doug on the internet series Pure Pwnage. FPS Doug says "Boom, headshot" everytime he shoots an opponent in the head in Counterstrike Source or any first person shooter type game.

29 Sep Pure Pwnage debuted a character named FPS Doug. (FPS, for any noobs reading, here refers to “first-person shooter” video games.) Doug was a Counter- Strike addict. He didn't have a job; he thought carrying a knife made you run faster; and screamed “BOOM HEADSHOT” every time he made a kill.


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